Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Behind The Scenes With Periscope

I've been on Periscope for over 5 months. My husband has been trying to get me on it since it launched on March 27th, 2015 but as usual, I was reluctant to try something new.

But once I did... I was hooked. I started on Periscope to try and scope on Disney and vacations but I quickly realized, that was not the platform I wanted... Fast-forward 20 weeks and I scope daily to hundreds of women under a group I started called Mommyscopes. A place of encouragement for Moms in the trenches..

I have the sweetest viewers. Most afraid to scope themselves... and they endlessly compliment me on how nice I look or about my "superwoman" powers.

Superwoman I an NOT!

Anyway Mommyscopes has grown to over 800 women and only about 10% of them scope.. the other 90% of them are too busy warding off a panic attack to even try... and others, well, they are berating themselves. Their self esteem is deflated by the time they end their broadcast... all brought on by having to look at themselves talk for more than 1 minute.

Well Ladies, I'm no different. Although I don't blink an eyelash at going live anymore... don't be fooled by my L'oreal face and Wet and Wild lipstick...You have NO idea what goes on behind the scenes during half of my scopes...

Want to know??

Here are 10 things you never would have guessed that goes on behind the scenes of one of my Broadcasts.....

1- I have often gotten dressed JUST to scope.... With make-up being from the night before. A couple of swoops of a make-up wipe under the lid, fresh lipstick applied and voila.... nothing a fuzzy connection can't hide...

2- I get distracted by how I think my neck is aging....often....Lots of times I am talking away and the whole time I am staring at it cringing...As I say certain words, the neck moves... It's HORRIBLE...

3- To distract myself from my random self criticism sometimes I just glaze over and "look through" myself scoping...

4- Just before this mornings scope ( you know, the one where everyone was oohing and ahhing at how cute I looked and what a wonder-woman I am??) I was screaming out the backdoor at my 100 pound dog. He refused to come in. He was skidding in the mud. IGNORING ME. I might have started screaming how much I hated him and then realized my neighbor (who also attends my church) was right outside on the other side of my fence

5- I am often screaming at my dog right before I start a scope

6- Captain Jack has been the real star in Mommyscopes. One time I was so busy chatting in the backyard, I didn't notice him jumping around like a firecracker eating bees out of mid-air until I watched the replay.

7- Wonder why I will suddenly change the topic quick and move on?? My husband might have shot me a text that says " you're babbling.." " Too much, get off the soapbox" or "Don't mention such and such... too controversial..." I can read the text during my live scope and boom... I'm off the topic

8- I have scoped in my Jammies before ( with day old makeup) but because I angled the camera oh so perfectly, you never knew....

9- I sometimes bribe my kids with lollipops so I can scope without them killing each other in the other room...

10-Many times, when I scope at night, I have a "bouncer" in the scope. My husband signs in under my account on another device and goes through the live viewers and blocks creepy men and all trolls. I will hardly ever have issues in my night scopes because of this =)

BONUS: We have a Mommyscopes Admin team...A small one but we all have become super close. We have met and hung out and are real friends in real life. I love them and they help so much with ideas, graphics and more. Plus, I talk to Wendy , Dawn and Tina ALL DAY EVERY DAY on Voxer. LOL. Their friendship blesses me!!

SO there you have it my friends. The real truth behind the screen. Most experienced scopers may look like it's all together, but I can guarantee it's not. Not to mention the work, planning, note taking and all of that stuff that goes on just to make a "fun" scope. Nothing about scopes are random....But  I hope this post encourages you and makes you realize, you don't have to be perfect to scope. No one is. Pinterest perfect doesn't exist....because more than likely, real life is right outside the part that the lens can see... It's all an illusion....

But one thing is for sure... I care about all of you so much!!! XOXO

What funny things have happened to you while periscoping??


  1. Thanks Amy! I love how real you are. I don't know if I will ever really scope but I Iove listening to you.

  2. I've scoped a few times. I get so nervous I stutter and turn bright red. My parakeet tweets like a maniac in the background, but if I flip the camera to show him, he goes silent. Camera shy. LOL!! The best scope I ever did was one where I was super nervous and then my mom popped on. Yes, my mom. I'm a grown woman and I still need my mommy. She asked me recently when I'm going to scope again... Soon, I hope.

  3. LOVE LOVE your two latests scopes... STOP the Mommy wars and ecouragement to Moms. You are a breath of fresh air!!!

  4. Amy, I'm not on periscope incredibly often because of, ahem, 8 children and 1 baby daddy, AAAANNNDDD because i live in a mud hut village in Mozambique, East Africa, where we are missionaries. However, whenever I can see one of yours I absolutely LOVE it. You have the gift of encouragement and I'm ALWAYS encouraged while watching your scopes. You pump me up to face whatever's going on, sweet lady! Thanks so much for your honesty and transparency! So looking forward to being a part of the mommy scope community!

  5. Awesome! Thank you for sharing! I'm so afraid to 'Scope...the introvert in me wins all the time! LOL

  6. I've been watching your scopes for about a month now and I can say it is a breath of fresh air. Too many women try to portray the package if having it all together. You and most of the other mom scopers remind people like me that we are all a work in progress and this to shall pass. Being a mother of young children takes ALL your energy and this support group eases all the blows that life comes with. May God's favor continue to be with ulyou and your family.